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Individual Counselling

As a therapist, I wonder whether you are ready to take the first steps towards your therapeutic goals, or to change stuck behavioural patterns in order to develop more significant insights and positive habits. Have you tried addressing concerns and ended up feeling much worse or being drawn to more negative behaviours or environments?  Perhaps this has led to experiences of shame, isolation, or distance from loved ones.

At Counselling Reflections, I offer practical therapeutic tools and strategies for helping you address your challenges, which are non-judgemental, straightforward, and compassionate. I support clients who feel overloaded by their environments, relationships, and social media. 

Counselling Reflections offers bespoke, short and long-term, evidence-based interventions but most importantly it’s a reflective space. So, what are your therapeutic goals?  In addition, I am LGBTQ+ allied therapist and all individuals are welcome.

Therapy session

Relationship Counselling

As a therapist, I understand some relationships are not easy at the best of times.   Are you feeling stuck, and you don’t know why? Especially when if you are both trying hard to be heard but end up emotionally distant. It's often stated that communication is the key but we often find we become highjacked by our past experiences, emotions, and states of mind. Yet for lots of people in relationships, positive changes are difficult to sustain and you both become anxious.


I believe it’s due to attachment injuries or trauma and feeling alone, or family scripts and not knowing how to repair them.  I believe it’s important to hear both sides of the story to understand what the main issues are. Good relationships have conflict however they invest in more positive emotional connections. I believe you can develop a deep relationship if you are both committed.


The aim of the therapist is to coach couples and identify effective emotional connections.  It’s important to be honest and open and remain respectful and curious. I offer compelling approaches for navigating long-term friendships, relationships, and marriage.

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