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Addiction and Recovery

Addiction is a progressive disorder and it’s a disease of the brain’s reward system, motivated by compulsion, and repeated habits related to brain circuitry. While there are lots of reasons why people use drugs and alcohol. 

Some families have a history of addiction, peer pressure, sexual abuse, lack of positive role models, etc.  Often you are left with a deep sense of shame driven by fear or trauma. 

I specialize in working with clients recovering from substance and process addiction. I support individuals actively seeking recovery and require evidence-based strategies to support their goals. 


In addition, I offer a supportive space for partners or family members to understand the cycle of addiction and to reflect on the challenges of supporting loved ones.  I offer advice around the role of co-dependency, reclaiming identity and addressing helplessness. 

Sex Addiction

Excessive sexual acts, intense fantasies, or thoughts define sexual addiction.  This could be due to compulsive masturbation, excessive porn use, cybersex, phone sex, and engaging in activities that may cause a breach of trust in their intimate relationships.

 As a therapist, I work with couples and individuals who identify as having sex addiction, compulsive sexual behaviour, chronic infidelity, or hypersexuality who generally feel that their sexual behaviour is presenting distress and high levels of adverse risk to their values and personal relationships. Not all individuals who have affairs are sex addicts. I offer a safe and compassionate space to explore this.

I work with ex/ partners and family members affected by the addict's behaviour who need to explore their feelings around the betrayal and may or may not want to remain in the relationship. Together we look at trust, boundaries, and addiction, plus the importance of self-care. 

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